Mladinski center Postojna išče 7 mladih starih od 18 do 25 let, za mladinsko izmenjavo, ki bo od 19. do 29. 10. 2017 potekala v Rudniku, Srbija.
Mladinski center Postojna
 Mladinski center Postojna išče 7 mladih starih od 18 do 25 let, za mladinsko izmenjavo, ki bo od 19. do 29. 10. 2017 potekala v Rudniku, Srbija. 5. 10. 2017  
Ime mladinske izmenjave: Common Future
Organizator: Environment Engineering Group (Serbia)
Partnerji: Environment Engineering Group (Serbia) in partnership with Volonterski centar Skoplje (Macedonia), Zveza društev mladinski center Postojna (Slovenia) and Foundation for the Youth of Balatonalmádi (Hungary)
Starost: 18–25 let
Zahteve: osnovno znanje angleščine, interes za sodelovanje z ljudmi iz drugih kulturnih okolij
Kje: Rudnik, Srbija
Kdaj: 19.–29. 10. 2017
Projekt je financiran iz programa Erasmus+. Potne stroške do 275 evrov, namestitev in prehrano krijejo organizatorji.
Zainteresirani/e pišite do petka, 13. 10. 2017, na el. naslov:

Kratek opis:
The Project Common Future consists of one youth exchange and its follow up activities on the local level. Youth exchange is based on non-formal education methods and will directly involve 28 participants from which 15 of should be young people with fewer opportunities participating in youth exchange for the first time.

Objectives of youth exchange are:
  • To improve competencies and skills of the participants.
  • To motivate youth for active participation in society.
  • To deepen the knowledge of participants about migration, climate change and its connection.
  • To contribute to the implementation of Europe 2020 strategy.
  • To enhance the international dimension of youth activities and promote cooperation among organization from Serbia and organizations from Erasmus + program countries.
  • To support capacity development of partner organization in the field of youth.
  • To reach our youth with fewer opportunities and include them in international youth projects.
  • To promote diversity and common values of freedom, tolerance and respect of human rights   
Key products of the project will be posters and short video clips on various topics related to migration and climate change. All products will be developed with an aim to raise awareness about the link between the climate change phenomenon and migration crisis in Europe and our lifestyles and motivate citizens, institutions and organizations to further act in the sense of its attenuation.

Priozorišče izmenjave:  Rudnik, Srbija
Mountain Rudnik in central Serbia, is situated around 100 km south of Belgrade. Highest peak is the Cvijić Peak (1132 meters above sea level), and the others: Srednji and Mali Šturac, Molitve, Paljevine and Marijanac peaks are all more than 1000 meters high. Roads to Mt Rudnik are good. Some of the advantages of Mt Rudnik are its proximity to historic sites such as Oplenac, Takovo, Vraćevšnica Convent, Voljavca, Nikolje and the monasteries of the Ovcar and Kablar gorge, as well as its nice climate, clean air and numerous walking paths (1922 Rudnik was declared for air spa because of fresh air). In central part of Mt Rudnik is small town with same name Rudnik. Rudnik is small village in municipality Gornji Milanovac in central part of Serbia.
Spremenjeno: 5. 10. 2017  
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