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 Koncert Hell Demonio in Ornaments... 27. 1. 2006  
Koncert italijanskih post korovcev Hell Demonio in Ornaments.  
Hell Demonio
Hell Demonio could come out either as a deep breathe of fresh air or only a snotty joke when you're used to see bands printing cds only after years of performing, or saying "by now we don't even play songs from the album anymore cause they're too old". Verona, lysergic spring 2004. Many years after rock' n' roll has been declared dead, someone seems yet not to take seriously this useless epitaph and understands that he can finally count on the right people to bear the band he was waiting to form since years. Not a bunch of skilled musicians, but a group of people who share a project thoroughly. A few instruments, those that are strictly necessary, and a name such as arrogant as maybe dumb, but that explains pretty well their approach to music. According to this approach it's not even important to be completely devoted to the instrument you play, and so a drummer can also get to the voice, the man behind the keyboards can brace a bass and the guitarist can bang the drums. What really matters is something else. Their feedback comes from bands like The Stooges, Germs, AC/DC, mixed up with modern sounds like those by The Nation Of Ulysses, Jesus Lizard, Rye Coalition, Fugazi. Other names are not required, not even the player's. It all begins as a gag, that of not knowing and not being informed on the name of the people you play with. But the joke soon becomes tragedy, and the components are labelled: Hell Demonio n.1, Hell Demonio n.2, Hell Demonio n.3, Hell Demonio n.4 and Hell Demonio n.5 Black Beauty Cowbell, (the only member whose name is known), a cowbell everybody falls in love at first sight with, so that it becomes an essential part of the band. Getting to the true names seems as useless as impossible. They decide to make a "Gratest Hits" out of the first 7 songs they bear. Since "things that matter" do not matter anymore, also a recording studio is not necessary. Fabio Magistrali is sufficient, with his magic mobile studio, and a room in an old house owned by an ex-musicians who now became a biological farmer. Just the time to swipe off the dust, and another friend's house (Enrico- Rosolina Mar) will be the perfect place to mix the cd. Meanwhile the number of gigs increases, often leaving the stage inheritance, both as bruises on the players bodies and as scratches on the instruments… and now, while the "Greatest Hits" is being released, as a production by Wallace and Robotradio records, "The Discography EP" is work in progress.  

ornaments is the perfect representation of the common passion for music of a group of friends. Years of attending shows, listening to lp’s, entire days closed up in a rehearsal room, many kilometers on the road with a bunch of cd's piled up on the dashboard.
Finally these people felt something had to be given back, they had to put together the mysterious energy of all the musical influences and create something new and completely free from the typical "rock" stereotype.
At the same time forming a band was the natural progression in keeping a close friendship going and expressing a unique mutual feeling…
Since early winter in 2003 until this day, ornaments represents a chance to build a solid construction of ideas and free form experimentation that can satisfy alla members of the band.

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